Exclusive Lamb & Goat

Irresistible quality meats: Lamb and goat from Europe.

The versatility of our meats provides a wide variety of options, and all of them are delicious. The variety of possibilities depending on the age of the animal and the nuances obtained through a diet of grains, together with strict compliance with the European Production Model, yield a product of outstanding quality.

Premium meat

Older sheep < 12 months → Feeds used. Of red meat.

Pascual sheep 4-12 months → Feeds used. Of red meat.

Suckling sheep < 3 months → Milkedand grassland fed. Of pink meat and little fat.

Lamb < 1,5 months → Milked fed exclusively. Of white meat with very little fat presence.


Our livestock production comes primarily from extensive farming models, helping to keep the rural environment active and alive. The sustainability of this sector is based on the environmental, social and economic benefits that extensive farming and grazing provide for the territory and the landscape. The benefits of this production model are enjoyed by the consumer as well, in the form of natural, sustainable meat.

Our sector in figures

Economic figures in the Spanish lamb & goat sector :
(1) Source: Mapa 2020
The sector in the UE:
The sector in the world:
70 countries to which Spain exports
Production and export figures:
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